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Please make sure to read our researcher guidelines before completing this form. Also, please consult the terms and conditions of our Licensing Agreement before submitting this form. Note that we can now accept credit card payments for studies. 

PLEASE NOTE: This form is for academic researchers only: If you wish to sign up to participate in studies, please go to our participant registration page. This form allows researchers to screen a large sample of participants to locate those interested and eligible to participate in a subsequent study. The screening survey and data collection process are hosted by StudyResponse.
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Number of participants to draw ($0.10 per participant): Note: The screening survey is one page, and usually takes participants less than one minute to complete. Response rates to this screening survey are generally high, but keep in mind that not all who respond will be eligible to participate in your subsequent study.


Note that initial draw is automatically stratified by gender to ensure equal numbers of males and females. If you elect stratifications, make sure to note the proportions you seek in the comment box below.
  Stratifications ($0.02 per stratification per participant):
Stratify by age group.
Stratify by ethnic group.

Oversampling ($0.02 per specification per participant):
Oversample African Americans. 
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Sample restrictions: Gender restrictions:
Include males and females
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Females only ($0.02 per participant)

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U.S. residents only 

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Employed participants only 

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Also include members of this occupation: 

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Prioritize study for faster completion ($159)  

Eligibility Criteria:

Specify the criteria that make an individual eligible to participate in subsequent study:

At the discretion of the StudyResponse project director, U.S. researchers may need to provide evidence of Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval for their subsequent study. Researchers in Canada, U.K., Australia, and New Zealand may need to provide evidence of ethics board approval for their subsequent study. See our information about non-U.S. research ethics review.

Note: The base licensing fee provides participant incentives (60%) and administrative support for StudyResponse (40%). There is a minimum license fee of $79. You may optionally provide additional funds for participant incentives (80% of this amount is used for incentives). Specify additional incentives here: $
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 Make sure to review the StudyResponse Licensing Agreement before submitting.
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