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Unsolicited comments from previous researchers:

"The study has gone very smoothly -- thank you for providing such a useful service."
Kevin Carlsmith, Colgate U.

My advisor and I are very pleased with the data gathered recently from the StudyResponse survey panel... You guys provide a great service and value for the research community.
Ben Ofili, NSU

I wanted to thank you for the help of StudyResponse. My colleague and I were very pleased with the number of respondents - over 750 for each of our studies! We will definitely consider it as an outlet for future work. Many thanks.
---Julie McCarthy, University of Toronto




Important note: Because of declining response rates, StudyResponse no longer accepts registrations for standard draw studies (as of February 6, 2009). StudyResponse currently conducts direct payment studies only. Please contact the project administrator admin[at] with questions about these changes.

Doing an online survey provides one way to get data from a large, varied sample quickly and efficiently. Participants are difficult to find, however, and response rates, even from massive mailings, can be lower than 1%. Our goal is to make online research a more feasible endeavor for social science researchers. The StudyResponse project connects researchers with participants who have signed up with us specifically in order to participate in online research. Licensing fees provided by researchers are used by StudyResponse to administer participant incentives. The links below provide more details:

  A checklist of how to use the StudyResponse panel in your own research

StudyResponse offers research participants incentives for participation in studies (typically gift certificates to Researchers can send multiple waves of invitations (see the white paper here). In every study each sampled participant obtains a dollar-valued incentive after completing a research instrument.

  1. Register for a direct payment study here.

  2. Before conducting your direct payment study, you may wish to run a prescreening study to establish the feasibility of your sampling plan.

  3. Register for associated research activities here.

Note that some of our prior researchers have developed technical reports about the StudyResponse project that you may find useful. We also provide a bibliography of studies that have used web-based samples. Please consult the basic guidelines to which all studies using StudyResponse must adhere. We have developed a generic recruiting message template that you may wish to follow. Demographic characteristics of the current panel are summarized from time to time here. Finally, we have answers to frequently asked questions on our researcher FAQ page.