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Note that this form should be used only for studies that involve a direct payment to research participants. Direct payments occur after completion of the study. All payments are made in electronic form only. Please make sure that you have read our researcher guidelines before completing this form.  Also, please consult the terms and conditions of our Licensing Agreement before submitting this form. 

PLEASE NOTE: This form is for academic researchers only: If you wish to participate in studies, please go to our participant registration page.
Researcher Name:
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Name of your institution:
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Title of Study:
Number of participants to pay:  
Payment per participant: (Note: amounts specified are in $US)  

Messaging :   Important Note: Direct payment studies include an initial recruitment message, a seven day reminder, and study completion messages at no charge. We handle correspondence and customer support with the participants concerning the awarding and delivery of incentives.


Oversampling during recruitment helps you reach your sampling target more efficiently, but runs the risk of awarding more incentives for completed surveys than you planned. Choose a level of oversampling appropriate for your budget and research design.
  Oversample by 50% (Safest/Most Expensive)
Oversample by 30% (Safe/Less Expensive)
Oversample by 10% (Most Economical Option)

Sample creation:

You can create your own sample from a spreadsheet of basic demographic information that we provide (gender, age, education level, employment status, occupation) or we can create the sample for you.
You create your sample (No Charge)
We create your sample from basic demographics ($199)
We create your sample using custom questions ($399)

Multiple, randomized groups:

Priority service:

Describe special protocols or requests:



Provide different recruiting messages and/or study URLs to randomized, equal sized groups of respondents ($100 per additional group for two to eight groups).  

Prioritize study for faster completion ($159)  

NEW: University researchers in Canada, U.K., Australia, and New Zealand may be eligible to use StudyResponse! See our information about non-U.S. research ethics review.
Institutional Review Board approval for your study
Federal IRB Registry # (You can look it up here.)   
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Note that the base licensing fee is used to provide participant incentives and administrative support for the StudyResponse project.
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 Make sure to review the StudyResponse Licensing Agreement before submitting.
After a moment, the system should display an invoice reflecting your study configuration. Please click only once and please contact if you experience any problems in obtaining or printing a copy of your invoice,